Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Chapter 55

Looking for a bakery?  Check out Belltower Bakery, my first retail lot!

Watch the video below for an up close and personal view of the bakery.  The Gallery link is located here.  

In my game, the bakery currently occupies the Preeminent Domain lot, the only empty lot that came with Magnolia Promenade.  So far I've left the other retail lots alone, but I plan to delete them and make my own.

The bakery was a ton of fun to build!  I hope you enjoy it!

I also included a little basement below to act as the bakery owner's on-site living quarters.  Your Sim can easily run a "home business" and never leave the retail lot!  (Bills can be paid using your phone, so you never have to 'go home'). 

You'll feel right at home at the Belltower Bakery!

There's also room in the back for a garden.  I realized while play-testing that many of the bakery items require fresh ingredients on hand (like carrots to make carrot cake), so having a nearby garden may be useful!

So with Get to Work, we not only have Magnolia Promenade, but new and exciting careers and CAS additions like new outfits and new hair.  I wanted Nancy Morse to be my bakery owner, so I gave her some new outfits first.

The apron is adorable!  I love the little bow on the back.  <3

I also gave her husband Vernon Morse a new outfit.  (No, that's not an alien baby bump, he's just grown a dignified 'juice' belly late in life, lol!)

At home, I had Nancy practice her Baking skill.  She made lots of breadsticks and loaves for her three sons as practice for her future bakery business.

I also gave teenage Jack a new hair style!  I love it!  <3

Mmhmm... Mother-approved?  Lol.

I took Nancy to Belltower Bakery to check out her new business and the surrounding area.  I particularly love the way Magnolia Promenade looks at night with hundreds of twinkling lights wrapped around the palm trees!

The bakery itself was fun to play.  Since nothing was baked yet, Nancy spent her entire day chugging out cupcakes and breadsticks and all sorts of goodies.

Her tiered cakes sparkled!

I made this my strategy: bake a full day, then sell the next, then bake another full day, and sell the next... At night she slept downstairs in the basement while her husband and kids cared for themselves at home.

She used her cupcake machine so often it required refilling...

... and a bubble bath!

Eventually, I figured out she could decorate her baked goods with frosting and sprinkles!


And after!

A touch of colorful sprinkles makes everything better!

She's a baking maniac!  She cracks eggs like no one's business.

And measures everything to perfection.

In fact, the only thing really holding her back seems to be the requirement of fresh ingredients for several baked goods.  I'm going to grow a garden in the back for some items (carrots, etc), but some stuff I'll have to plan ahead for.

The good thing is that Nancy can "restock" without actually re-baking the item (at least it seems this way to me...  Maybe everything only has so many 'replacements' before it needs to be started over?  Either way, there's a shelf life, so maybe when it expires, it's time to re-bake).

For special bakery goods that require fresh ingredients, it's nice only having to bake it once in a while to have it in my store for days and days to sell!

And Nancy's bakery selection is really growing! <3

The front desk is ready for customers!

All that baking meant lots of scrubbing.

And, boy, do those glass shelves get dirty fast!  Hopefully, Efrain doesn't mind, lol.  

To help out around the bakery, Nancy hired an employee: Digi Wolff from the Wolff Legacy!

Digi is great!  He rang up his first customer like a pro.

He's insane, but his outgoing trait is perfect for customer service.  

And check out the "Ask About Career" for employees!

"My First Simoleon" soon hung proudly on the wall.

A steady flow of customers came and went... including Scrubs De Reve from the Malepractice trailer! <3 

He's a frequent customer!

Detective Sierra Moss also checked out the bakery.  She liked the antique tea pots I set out for sale.

And even mad scientist George L'Ernitage couldn't stay away. These are seriously awesome EA pre-mades!!!

And, of course, Scarlet waltzed in ready to shop.  <3

As time passed, Digi reached "Sales Skill Level 3" (Woot!  Go Digi!), but Nancy continued getting more and more stressed out.  The game thinks she's "Unemployed" and since she's Ambitious, this is a bad mix!   :(  

I really hope we get a patch for this.  Business owners aren't unemployed! 

Nancy is unhappy a lot now, but I try to keep her mood up.  She even made time for a silly selfie!

Eventually, I added two more display shelves near the seating area (these aren't in the Gallery upload).  Nancy cooked some goodies, but didn't put them out for sale.  Since they were free, everyone got to taste test!

I did have a problem with some customers going behind the main counter into the "employee-only" area, but it wasn't that often.  I caught the hermit from Granite Falls (some 'hermit' lol) doing so while I was taking a screenshot of my long-time townie Haleigh Pollak.

I'm pointing her out because this is the last time you'll see her like this.  I decided to throw her in CAS and give her a makeover.  Here she is now!  Her genetics are the same; I just got rid of her overly manly muscles and changed her hair and clothes.  She's gorgeous!

Right now, she's Jamie Jolina's roommate!  And, yep, Jamie Jolina is up next.  I actually played her a bit through the doctor profession before trying out the bakery. 

Stay tuned for more Get to Work chapters ahead!
Thanks for reading!

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