Sunday, May 10, 2015

Chapter 56

Not the kind of look you want from your doctor after surgery.

Haha!  So I've been playing Get to Work with Jamie Jolina.  She's a genius, but also squeamish and outgoing, with a side of party animal.

She's available on the Gallery.  In this version, she's already a general practitioner in the doctor profession.  To get there, she started off doing menial chores like mopping floors...

And spritzing down equipment.

It wasn't long before she was scaring the freezer bunnies out of terrified Sims on the surgery table.

Poor Shaowen.  He was the first of many.

They say 'an apple a day, keeps the doctor away.'  Well, this doctor takes your apples away, lol.

During one work emergency, Scarlet Firecracker was passed out on the reception floor.

A little Elmer's glue fixed her right up.

You don't want to look, Scarlet!  Lol.

Scarlet was good as new after that.  Even had a new hairdo!

From the back, it's really cute...

Get to Work has so many new awesome hair styles.

On Scarlet, this is my all-time favorite so far:

 I tried out the male ones on Scarlet's husband, Don Lothario.  These were my favorites...

I picked this one as his new official look.  I love it!

Don's been one of Jamie's most frequent patients.  He wears blue slippers and a ducky hospital gown every time.

He's been scanned...

And examined...

And diagnosed with almost every illness under the sun.

"I'm sorry, but you have Gas-and-Giggles.  We're going to have to quarantine you.  Laughter is highly contagious."

Considering all the poking and prodding, Don's been taking it well, lol.

Jamie's very first patient was Zoe Hildebrand.  That probably explains her big smile.  Woot!  First Sick Sim ever!

Being a lowly medical intern at that point, Jamie couldn't really do much for her.  Here, drink this mysterious liquid.

Poor Zoe.  She's like a lab rat!

Other Sims had their fair share of horror from Jamie Jolina.  Painful inoculations...

And surgeries that played out like a game of Pinball.

But there was kindness, too.  Jamie developed a great bedside manner with her patients.

She worked to the point of exhaustion with no thought of her own needs.

Working in a hospital, Jamie was often exposed to many infections and got them herself.

She had to deal with many frustrations on a daily basis.

In between all the craziness of endless patients, she barely had time to eat or pee.

Plus, Jamie often felt alone and overworked while her co-workers goofed off.

But Jamie got her payback by spoiling the latest episodes or pretending to fire them all, lol.

But overall, Jamie loves being a doctor.  She gets to take selfies with her patients (those that live - hah, jk.)

And she gets to wear cute hats (love the bow)...

And she even gets to redecorate the hospital.  She can hang whatever she likes on the walls.

Jamie's dipped into Photography at work, lol.  It was hard not to with all those barren walls. 

And with the bb.enablefreebuild cheat, I can make the hospital more efficient, but you have to be careful.  (Some tips on that from SimsVIP).

If you haven't already, give the doctor profession a try.  The animations are really unique and funny.

There's so much to see and do.

And the Squeamish trait for a doctor is a fun twist. 

Thanks for reading!

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Shannon SimsFan said...

Squeamish has got to provide a lot of laughs for the doctor profession! Great pictures, that last one is hilarious!

Anonymous said...

Great peek into the doctor profession! And welcome back, we missed you. :)

Anonymous said...

Darn this infernal comment-eating thinking-I'm-a-robot contraption! Lol! I'm going to feel real crazy if these comments are actually going through in some alternate universe rather than just disappearing like it seems here.

Anyway, this was a really fun update! I like your hospital staff, hee - are they all women?

I love Jamie & Scarlet's expressive faces. <3

Kenzie said...

Yay! Rachel! New chapter! Yay!