Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Chapter 57

Scarlet Firecracker's started her own business!

Scarlet's Secret sells intimates for men and women, naughty gnomes, and other flirtatious stuff, right in the heart of Magnolia Promenade.

Her husband Don Lothario helps out at the front desk.

The first night the store opened, they were so excited!

It was hard work getting the store ready.  Scarlet created all sorts of flirty paintings to decorate the walls.

And every mannequin she designed and dressed, placing just so.  You'd think she was a Perfectionist Sim!

The lacy lingerie is really cute!  Scarlet also placed red roses throughout the store.

Also for sale are cute teddy bears, and pink & purple clothing for flirty formal dates.

And don't forget those naughty gnomes!  Scarlet's first customer purchased one for 356 simoleons!  

"Uh, hi.  I like to shop in the middle of the night for naked gnomes." 

Okay, Zachary.  Now we all know.  

But he wasn't the only one.  Customers were buying things left and right and Scarlet couldn't keep up on her own.

"I'll get to you in a second!  Please hold on!"  This happened a lot in the early days.

Unfortunately, Don wasn't much help since he had to go to work.  Lots of angry customers just left the store.

So Scarlet decided to hire her first official employee: Naomi Foye, an EA pre-made from Get to Work.  Here she is in her employee uniform.

Scarlet gave her a promotion on her first day.

Naomi has retail in her blood!  (Hey, she's materialistic and a snob!)  She was really great with the customers.  (Zachary is a regular, lol).

To celebrate her first employee, Scarlet brought Naomi up to the second floor photography studio and snapped a photo.  Kind of like "Employee of the Month" lol.

Photography seemed like a fun way to advertise the lingerie, as well as memorialize the business owners and employees for generations to come.

Scarlet also has an office on the first floor, a kind of "consultation" desk for customers.  It was there she hung her first simoleon earned and a selfie on the wall!

And so the customers came pouring in day after day...

Townie Ayla Stein didn't like any of the outfits.  Nope, not one bit.  She made a face and scowled.

George L'Ernitage tried on the heart-shaped boxers, but went home with a naughty gnome instead.

Who knew he was so skinny underneath that lab coat?  Is that grin for Dr. Jamie Jolina?  Lol.

Jamie tried on an outfit, too...

...but decided to buy a camera.  (I figure selling cameras goes along with the photography studio upstairs).

Naomi worked her magic all over the store.  Scarlet assigned her to answering customers' questions while Scarlet rang up their purchases on her tablet.

Scrubs de Reve came in with a frown...

...but those heart-shaped boxers cheered him up, lol.

Scarlet was ecstatic with all the business!  There were so many Sims coming to her store.  (Those expensive TV ads and web campaigns probably helped, lol).

Sometimes it was a bit awkward when Scarlet's ex-boyfriends came to the store.  Shaowen Acevedo giggled at the mannequins.

And Sonny Padilla was as still and silent as one.

When the store closed, instead of going home, sometimes Scarlet would retire to the apartment above the store.  There is a comfortable bedroom...

...and a little kitchen/dining/living room to make it feel like home.  (The lack of lockable doors means I have placed a large decorative object to block the apartment entrance.  It can be moved in Build Mode when the store is closed).

There's also a two-level outdoor space for the business owner.

The roof has a great view of the surrounding area.  Scarlet likes taking a jog through Magnolia Promenade before she opens the store.

There are some strange swampy areas nearby, full of secrets of their own.

From the outside, Scarlet's Secret stands four stories tall and occupies the lot formerly known as Paddywack's Emporium.

The lot is surrounded on all four sides by cobbled streets, so when I began to build the store, I didn't really have a "front" of the store in mind.  Every angle was important.

But I suppose this would be the "front" since the inside front desk faces this door.  Large statues flank the sides as well.

I went for an industrial feel with heavy steel beams and horizontal lights framing the windows.

Every light I tried to assign a color.  Reds or blues or yellows.  Inside as well on the wall behind the front desk.  Scarlet's consultation office is tucked back in the corner.

The basement has bathrooms for employees and customers, along with an employee breakroom.  Part of the basement is open to the outside air above, so a little garden grows.

Scarlet's Secret is available on the Gallery!  Just search under my Origin ID GirlzillaGC.

You can also view additional pictures of the lot here.  If you enjoy playing the lot, please favorite it on the Gallery!

Thank you!  Scarlet will thank you, too!  Lol.

Update 05/14/15:

Check out Stormy Skies Studio.  Inspired by lovesstorms

As the sister studio to Scarlet’s Secret, this version has much the same feel but now functions solely as an art and photography studio.  The second floor has the tools of the trade: painter’s nook for easel, canvas and art supplies and a large photography studio for taking the perfect portrait. The first floor features the retail side of the business: a consultation desk and a gallery showcase to display all your paintings and portraits.  Color-wise, Stormy Skies Studio consists of mainly blues & grays while Scarlet’s Secret has reds and pinks. 

A few more pictures are located here.

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Heather Palmer said...

First, Scarlet definitely has secrets. ;) Your store is gorgeous and she's the perfect person to own that place! You must be so ever proud the way it turned out! <3 The attention to detail you've poured into this is most excellent!

Scarlet and Don seem to appreciate the hard work, too. Working in the store, even without advertisement is tough. So, hopefully, Don can still help out sometimes.

I loved all the photos you put around the store. I could tell you really took the time to make it special. Everything from the outside of the building down to the apartment flows so well together! My intention is to get Gerald into photography, so he might have just found a new studio. ;) Fantastic job on this chapter and the building. You're amazing!


Rachel Rosebud said...

@lovesstorms I read your blog comment – thank you so much! You’ve inspired me to make a sister studio. The idea of Gerald’s photography studio made me look at Scarlet’s Secret in a new light. Instead of retail on the first floor, the space can be easily converted into a showcase for paintings and portraits. The second floor already has the photo studio, but I was thinking the opposite side would make a perfect artist’s nook for an easel and related objects. Some mirrors and wall lights may need to be taken down to make room on the walls for hanging up Gerald’s photos, but that won’t be too bad. Ceiling lights should be perfect. Oh, I definitely want to make a second version now, lol! If you do decide to use it, feel free to move whatever you want, change things up. Make it Gerald’s! (Obviously all those Scarlet pictures would be swapped out, lol). Again, thank you for taking a look and commenting so thoughtfully. I really appreciate it.

Sarah H said...

Nicely designed!

ARoseinBloom said...

Wow!!! Her store is amazingly beautiful and creative.

You're such a talented builder. I love your work!