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Chapter 58

I went on a building spree in Willow Creek!

You might recognize the big one on the left.  Back in Chapter 51 when I was playing the Pancakes, I mentioned a two-story apartment building I was fiddling with...

I've since stretched it up four stories and completely furnished it.  Riverview Apartments has six one-bedroom apartments, perfect for single Sims or couples with no children.  You can view more pictures here (over 100!), but below are my absolute favorites!

The riverside-facing apartments have expansive balconies.

My favorite balcony for one of the roof-level apartments.  The most luxuriously furnished apartments are on the roof while the more budget-friendly are ground-level.

Each of the six apartments has a unique style, and some are two-story!  I had so much fun designing each one.  My favorite is this mid-level modern apartment, perfect for entertaining...

I recommend always building with a Sim occupying the lot so that you can play with lighting color effects.

Some lots are industrial-looking and modern...

While others are more traditional...

There's even a private laboratory for one lucky resident!

So who gets to live here?  I have another Bachelor challenge in mind, like I did with Nina Caliente.  Except this time, I'm going to use all townies!

Shaowen Acevedo is the lucky bachelor!  He's a mixologist and has been tending bars since September 2014!  He deserves it, lol!

He gets to live in the Riverview Apartments with seven single townies.  Some you might recognize from earlier chapters.  From left to right: Tammy Samuels, Natalia Tam, Allison Barrett, Arya Stein, Shaowen Acevedo, Haleigh Pollack, Jessa Butler, and Jodie Workaholic.

Some of them received major makeovers, like Natalia Tam.  She first entered my story when she and Don Lothario woohooed.  She's entertained many of my weddings by playing the piano.

Natalia Tam, before...

And after...

Arya Stein also got a makeover.  She's so pale I gave her a Goth girl look.  Before (left) and After (right):

Then there's my CAS Sim, Jodie Workaholic.  I gave her a makeover, too!

And Allison Barrett, the evil mail carrier Zachary Fogel bumped into not long after his teen birthday...  I love the back of this green dress!

But getting back to my building spree... Not long after I finished the apartments, I started building Riverview Duplex right next to it.

Again, there's way too many pictures, so if you want to see more click here!

This cute little duplex has three-stories and is perfect for two couples with one child each.  It looks great at any time of day.  The play of light is amazing!

The floor plans are split down the middle, so each apartment has three stories.  The living rooms are on the first floor, and each has a different style: modern and traditional.

The second floors have the kitchen/dining combos, and again with a different style for each duplex apartment.

The third level has bedrooms and bathrooms.  The balconies and child's bedrooms are spread out either on the second or third level, depending which apartment you're in.

So what two lucky couples get to live here and have a child each?  I decided to give that honor to two of my favorite townies who have lived in my neighborhood for many months, Digitalis Wolff and Palo Verde Bough by Legacy writers FloorRaisin and CathyTea respectively.

Yay!  Well, the two Sims needed wives next!  I glanced at their relationship panels to see what's been happening.

As I discovered earlier during Nina Caliente's bachelorette challenge, Digi already has a crush on EA pre-made Holly Vinedal.  She's still the only one on his panel!  Aww! <3

I moved Holly in and looked at her panel.  She really likes Digi, but she's been flirting with Andre DeSilva and Mortimer Goth, too, lol.  No more of that, Holly!

I'm really excited to bring her into my official rotation.  She's so cute!  Her traits are Loves the Outdoors, Active, and Slob.

Their first date went great!  They shared their first kiss in a crowded room at the Blue Velvet nightclub.

A bit later, Digi proposed to Holly and she accepted.  Their bunny slippers are a match!

With their wedding coming up, Digi's been working off some of the weight he's gained.

Now for Palo Verde, I had a difficult time finding the right girl.  His relationship panel only had Nina Caliente, but she's married now.  (If you remember, he was Second Place in that challenge!)

I thought about some of the single townies I placed in the Riverview Apartments, like Tammy Samuels.  She was on his friends panel, but they had an embarrassing encounter that really scared him, lol!

I tried out another friend on his panel: EA pre-made Summer Holiday.  She's Active, Outgoing, and Cheerful.  They really hit it off and quickly became good friends, so I moved her in with PV.

Her Active trait rubs off on him.  She makes him energized!

They shared their first kiss in a community garden not far from where they lived.  You can see they're in the same neighborhood as the pink-housed Pancakes!

They're a match!  Phew, I'm glad the search is over!

I had a dual-wedding in mind.  I plopped a photo studio to capture their special day in Willow Creek.  Summer snapped Digi and Holly, the first couple to say "I Do."

Natalia Tam played the piano in the sunlight...

...while Digi and Holly took center stage.

Many guests were invited including teenagers Betsy Hildebrand and Alexander Goth, and elder Efrain Hildebrand (Betsy's father).

Others included Ned Whalen (EA pre-made and friends to both Digi and PV), Scarlet Firecracker, and Bella Goth.

Teen-aged Sarah Firecracker (Scarlet's firstborn daughter) also attended...

...along with Dr. Scrubs de Reve, from Get to Work.

Digi and Holly exchanged rings and a kiss beneath the altar.

Digi popped some confetti when it was time to cut the cake!

PV grabbed the mic and cranked out some funny jokes!

Twin sisters Betsy and Zoe Hildebrand sat next to each other as everyone mingled, eating and talking.

Bella's daughter, Cassandra Goth, arrived just in time for the next couple to wed!  Bella gave her a big hug.

Cassandra looks gorgeous with her hair down!  (She's still patiently waiting for her own wedding day to come.  She's engaged to Malcolm Landgraab.)

Meanwhile, PV proposed to Summer. 

They are so in love.  What a perfect day for their wedding!  Everything is so beautiful.  I dressed Summer in blushing pink to match her beau.  (PV came from the Gallery with 5 outfits in each category!  This was my favorite of his formal wear).

Beneath the arch, they exchanged vows and sealed it with a kiss!

The couples' wedding pictures came out awesome!!!

As the sun began to set on their wedding day, the four went home and ran upstairs to woohoo, lol.  I love how they each "picked" their side of the duplex!

The race to the top was a tie!  They woohooed at the same time, lol.  I can't wait to have TWO pregnant Sims.  That's never happened before!  It's always been one at a time.

I confirmed it, too.  They both got pregnant the first time!  Summer's belly immediately popped out during the confetti rain after the pregnancy test...

But Holly's didn't.  Her baby bump was a bit shy and took longer to come out.

Holly broke the Big News to Digi in the bathroom right afterwards (view from inside the shower, lol).

Summer waited until breakfast time the next morning.  They celebrated over pancakes!

Summer and Holly became extremely close friends during their pregnancies...

...and they had a lot of fun making memories together.

Their husbands Digi and PV were extremely happy during this time.  With the wedding and babies coming, they were Happy all the time!

They cooed over their wives' growing baby bumps.

Holly was writing her book and Summer was painting when they went into labor at the same time!

One minute they were happily doing their thing...

And the next... OWWIE!!!

Both Digi and PV panicked as the girls moved to their beds to rest and wait for the baby to come.  I thought about taking them to the hospital (now that I can do that with Get to Work), but since I had TWO coming at the same time, I was afraid I'd only have control over one.

The babies were both born at the same time!  Lol, from the notifications on the right, I actually thought Holly gave birth to twins, but it turned out to be one for each, and both girls!

Digi and Holly have a beautiful baby girl named Rose Vinedal.  (I'm using Holly's surname instead of Digi's since I don't want to intrude on FloorRaisin's Wolff Legacy!)

PV and Summer have a beautiful baby girl named Mirabelle Holiday.  (I'm using Summer's surname instead of PV's since I don't want to intrude on CathyTea's Bough Legacy!)

I quickly aged them both up to Child so they could interact with my other Sims before I left the lot.  (I have a lot of other families that need catching up, lol).

Rose Vinedal is too cute!  She has dark brown eyes and hair, just like her father.  She's definitely inherited her mother's nose, but I think that will be more noticeable as a teen!

Mirabelle Holiday is equally cute!  She also inherited her father's brown hair, but her mother's bright blue eyes!  Before I left, she was already spending a lot of time with Rose on her own.  I think they're going to be best friends!

And there you have it!  Thanks for reading!

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