Sunday, July 19, 2015

Chapter 63

Must... keep... up!  Phew!  It's hard to keep up with all the changes in the Sims 4.  I've been playing ESO lately, but here's a catch-up post since I feel bad about putting Sims 4 on the back burner.  I'm still writing/playing Dina's detective story, but that takes even more time to assemble, so for today, I'm just popping into the Firecracker household because... *drum roll* Maria Lothario's finally aged up!  Woot!

It seems like Maria's been a child forever... but now she's finally made the leap...

...into a really cute Sim.  I just love her!  Maria really is a wonderful blend of her parents, Scarlet and Don.

This is her updated family tree...

Maria's hair is one of the new ones from the Luxury Party Stuff Pack.  As of today's post, there are 6 packs for the Sims 4... so many, and it's becoming really hard to pick just one or two hairstyles per Sim.  I love them all!

These are some of my favorites from the latest DLCs...

Maria is really skinny compared to her parents.  She's up to Level 10 fitness (reached as a child) so maybe that's why.

Maria is available on the Gallery under my Origin ID GirlzillaGC.

Before Maria aged up, I moved the Firecracker household.  I wanted something bigger and closer to my other Sims that lived in Oasis Springs.  They moved into the empty lot near the Landgraabs, and the Caliente twins.

Rio Verde is where I built their new house, the Bumble Bee

Scarlet and Don's new master bedroom...

And some of the other rooms, all decorated and fully furnished throughout the house.

One of my favorite features is the outdoor bar area...

... that's where Maria had her growing-up Birthday Party.  Scarlet played host and made sure everything was perfect for her daughter's big day.  There were drinks and lots of food.

Efrain Hildebrand checks out the Fountain of Mirth.  Besides pink fruit punch, it can also be filled with chocolate, cheese, caramel, and sparkling apple juice!

On the morning of her birthday, Maria ate some delicious French Toast with her parents.

And played some horseshoes in the backyard.

Hey, time to get dressed - all the party guests are arriving!  Including... teen-aged Alexander Goth (Mr. Grumpies)...

... And Deanna Fry.

Some older guests were invited too, like Scarlet's friends Eliza Pancakes and Nina (Caliente) Fogel.

Maria tried her first party drink.  Yummies.

"Thanks for the best childhood ever, Mom and Dad!!"

"Hey, Dad, can I go out celebrating with my friends now?"

Maria went out to the Rattlesnake Juice bar...  

She partied with her half-sister Alissa L'Amour...

They giggled over silly cat videos...

Alexander had already arrived earlier with Betsy Hildebrand.

They enjoyed some drinks together.

Maria's other half-sister Sarah Firecracker also joined the fun at the bar.

Maria took her first selfie!

She was making funny faces all night, lol.

Maria went home, and the next morning, she went downstairs to tell her Mom all about the great night she'd had.

"So, Mom, what did you and Dad do while I was gone?"

"Oh, just got caught up on a few things..."

Uh, huh.  Well, Maria went for a morning jog...

...while Don and Scarlet enjoyed their new study upstairs.

Afterwards, Scarlet took her daughter to their basement photography studio.  Scarlet maxed out her Photography skill and now she wants to decorate the house with pictures of family!

Tomorrow, they plan to all visit the new Spa in town!  Stay tuned :)

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