Saturday, August 29, 2015

Chapter 68

Earlier I introduced Dr. Jamie Jolina as the squeamish Sim I was playing through the doctor career in Get To Work.

Her squeamish trait makes for some pretty funny moments.  She freaks out if the bathroom's all grungy.

Gives new meaning to 'Angry Poop'

And feels sick to her stomach a lot.

I upgraded her house a little.  Added a roof level for her telescope.

And the 1st floor bedroom (that used to be Alissa L'Amour's) was converted into a bathroom and stairwell leading into a basement.

As a career woman, Jamie spends most of her time at the hospital, working late.  She's had many patients, like teenager Peter Pancakes.

And her surgery skills are still scaring patients.

One day, Jolina found Cassandra Goth working as a nurse!

Once I rotate to Cassandra, maybe I'll work her through the medical career, too.

Jamie's also made house visits to ailing patients at the Pancakes' ice cream shop.

Maybe Digi had too much ice cream.

One day, Jamie treated a collapsed Sim which turned out to be Scarlet Firecracker (this is actually Scarlet's second time collapsing!  What a goober!)

Eventually, Jamie helped enough Sims that she got promoted to a specialist!

Now she's got a wide range of cute doctor looks.

I've also updated her wardrobe.  These are my favorite looks for her:

Her Sims 3 counterpart was a party animal, so I've been trying to keep that side of her intact, lol.

To get promoted to Surgeon, she needed to deliver a baby.  In the last hour of her workday, a pregnant Sim waddled in!

Jamie delivered the little bundle of joy.  Easy peasy.

And she loves talking about it, too!

The next time at work, Jamie did it again and got promoted to Surgeon.

But despite her success, life is a bit lonely for Jamie, mostly since she's a Romantic and easily lovelorn.

Time to find her a husband!

Scrubs de Reve from the Malpractice trailer is it!  I was thinking how cute it'd be to have a doctor couple.

I moved in Scrubs and looked at his romance panel.  He'd been a bit flirty with Bella, but we can forgive him for that.

She doesn't seem to like him anyway, lol.

After a few house parties, Jamie and Scrubs became quick friends.

House party guests included many of Jamie's friends like Scarlet Firecracker ...

... Mortimer Goth, (Notice the fountain of cheese, ewww, lol).

... Bob Pancakes,

... Nancy and her husband Vernon Morse,

... Babs L'Amour-Fry,

And Sarah Firecracker.  (I love the back of her shirt).

All these parties means unending dirty dishes.  The dishwasher went bonkers.

Jamie had to scrub the toilet, too.  She hates that!  Gross!

Suffice to say, too much dirt makes Jamie upset.

I tried giving her a mud bath, thinking one of the Spa-oriented activities would soothe her, but she hated it!  Squeamish Sims don't even like aromatherapy baths.

At least Scrubs is helping out with the trash.

 He's been comforting her when she comes home from work all sad and tired.

Pretty soon they were crazy for each other.

They had their first kiss ...

They also shared a special moment on the kissing bridge (the same bridge which was almost fatal to poor Kristian Fry when Babs rejected his marriage proposal there, lol).

They had their first woohoo in a tent afterwards.

I remade Desert Bloom park in Oasis Springs for their wedding.

There's a ton of stuff for Sims to do: swim in the pool, sweat out in the sauna, get glitzy in the photography studio.  Plus there's spa stuff like massage tables, outdoor yoga on sand, meditation, and party stuff like a hot tub, bar and grill, full kitchen, and a wedding garden with piano.

For more pictures, click here!  Here are my favorites:

Jamie and Scrubs were the first to check out the park.  They got sweet and silly in the hot tub.

And then sweaty in the sauna.

He finally took her to the wedding arch and proposed!

At the park, I picked out their wedding outfits.

And I gave Scrubs some new outfits so he's not always walking around looking like a doctor (he's actually not in any career at the moment, lol).

I had a photography studio at the park so any weddings could have pictures, but with just the two of them, I needed a photographer!

So who's the photographer? (That temporarily joined their household) ...

My Sim Self, Rachel Rosebud!

I guess this means I'm officially part of my own neighborhood rotation!  Creepy!

I got (err, my SimSelf) a few interesting pictures of the happy couple.

Jamie hosted their wedding party, but it wasn't a weekend and around 2 p.m. so I think too many Sims were at work.  Barely anyone showed up!  Lol.

My SimSelf helped to prep for the wedding party.

While the groom got ready in the public bathroom.

The wedding ceremony was really sweet!  Natalia Tam played the piano throughout.

Afterwards, they had chocolate chip mint ice cream and their wedding cake.

That's pretty much it for this crazy couple!  Thanks for reading!

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