Sunday, August 9, 2015

Chapter 64

The Spa Day game pack is really, really making me want to build my own spa.  The new objects are so cute!  The default spa venue that ships with it is incredible! 

The "O" symbol is everywhere ... on decorative objects, doors, even clothes.  

The second floor Yoga classroom is a great idea - and the gameplay is really fun.  I love, love the new Wellness skill.  

The Yoga moves are awesome, and I like how you start off really bad at it, then progress with practice.

Tammy Samuels, one of my townies
Don Lothario
A lot of the spa objects would also look great if you're building a modern home, or even a dance club.  Hmm ... more things to build! <3

I'm also happy my Sims have new places to woohoo!  Like the sauna ...


And the hot tub!

The new romance interactions are awesome!

It really reminds me of the Sims 2 hot tubs, which I loved back in the day.

I've brought Scarlet, Don, and their daughter Maria to the spa  a lot to check out all the new stuff.  The massage tables are really fun to watch.  It reminds me a bit of the Sims 3, but this time the spa is not a "rabbit hole."

Maria tried out the massage tables with her friends Alexander Goth and her half sister Sarah Firecracker.

Poor Maria.  She got the "Worst. Massage. Ever."
Alexander Goth also had some ... back issues, lol.

Sarah got a great one, though.  She was so mellow afterwards.

Alexander went for a mud bath after his backbreaking massage.  His cute frownies!

Their good friend Betsy Hildebrand got really shocked & embarrassed when she tried to enter the mud bath room, lol.

A foot massage cheered her up.

Scarlet already had one earlier.

Everyone's running around in bath towels.  It's so cute.  When they enter the lot, the Sims usually go straight for the changing rooms.

The area around it becomes a social place for Sims to greet each other.  I saw lots of familiar faces, like my Sims Jack Morse and Alissa L'Amour.

Alissa checked out the meditation room.  There's awesome music and clickable aroma (to quickly influence emotions) and little stools for your Sim to sit on.


I also saw a grumpy Eliza Pancakes and my teen-aged townie Valerie Redmond.

Maria made friends with Valerie over drinks.  There's all sorts of fizzy stuff on really cute plates.  I love these little details.

I experimented a bit with the new spa objects.  Now that we have Newcrest, I have a lot of space to build. <3

I love the look of a lot of these outdoor objects.

I made a new Sim to live in this Newcrest lot.  Her name is Selena Rubio.  She's on the Gallery.

It was fun introducing her to a lot of my neighborhood Sims.

She met Scarlet and Don, Babs L'Amour, and Nancy Landgraab so far.  Oh, and of course Bob Pancakes was the mixologist for her house parties.  She drank a lot, lol.

She even gave her guests some lovely massages.  Like Babs ...

And Don Lothario ...

I basically finished building the party patio.  The house isn't finished yet.  I want to wait for that Cool Kitchen stuff pack to complete it!  Until then, Selena is just enjoying the pool ...

With Nancy Landgraab
And Don, too, lol.  I love his silly expression in this one.

I think he likes the hot tub, too. <3

Everyone does!

I gave Selena a lot of different outfits.

I really like her! I think I'll save her for one of my Gen 2 Sims!

That's it for now!  Thanks for reading!

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