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Chapter 65

Introducing ... Granite Falls Spa!

I began building with one idea: Outdoor Yoga.

The views really inspired me to build in Granite Falls! 

The one downside, though, is that Sims can only visit this spa when they go on vacation to Granite Falls.  This can be avoided if you plop the spa somewhere else, but you'd lose the awesome location!  I recommend plopping the lot here:

There's also outdoor massage tables ...

... indoor foot and hand massage chairs, and plenty of places to just relax.

Every "spa" activity like yoga, meditation, massage tables, foot & hand massage chairs, saunas, mud baths, etc, have been play tested by Scarlet Firecracker!  She approves.

Next up!  A lot of birthdays!  I have a lot of children I've been wanting to age up to Teen.  So let's start with the Pancake Family: Bob, Eliza, and Peter.

Peter is the cutest thing ever.  I can't wait to see what he looks like as a teen.

He's got lots of friends, like Sarah Firecracker and Digi Wolff.

Everyone loves giving him hugs.  In this picture is also Vernon Morse and Peter's father, Bob Pancakes.

Poor Bob.  He's a Loner, but the only time he really gets to be alone is in the bathtub.

Peter got a big bash for his birthday.  Bob and Eliza are really great party hosts since Bob has maxed out mixology and Eliza can crack a joke like nobody's business.

O.M.G. I love the new Peter!  All grown up.

He looks so much like Bob. <3  I designed him some new outfits.  This one is my favorite on him.

And here's his facial profile from front and side.

And a few more favorite picks from his wardrobe:

Eliza is so proud of her son!

And, yep.  I gave Eliza a makeover, too.  With all these new DLCs (like Cook Kitchen), I love the new hair and outfit options!  Below are some of Eliza's new looks ...

To celebrate, Peter went out to a nightclub to meet up with some of his teen-aged friends from the neighborhood.

He had fun with Betsy Hildebrand ...

And Maria Lothario.  (You can also see Naomi Foye!)

And Alissa L'Amour!  They are so cute!

Betsy and Maria got to talking.  I really like this nightclub.  It's just a quick remodel of an existing spa provided by the game (I forget which one).

Next up in birthday galore, the Morse Family: Vernon, Nancy, Jack, Jonathon, and Joseph.

I decided to age up Jonathon, but not yet his younger brother, Joseph.

Lol.  Here's his makeover.  He's wearing the new hair from Cool Kitchen!  Isn't he so cute!  Lol.  

Here are my favorite outfits for him.

Love this family <3

Next, the Fry Family: Kristian, Babs, Alissa, and the twins Deanna and Dualla.

Deanna and Dualla are so cute.

Let's see what they look like as teens!

These two really surprised me!  They really are so different and a lovely mix of their parents.  Check them out side by side!

Here are the outfits I designed for Deanna.  I gave her a few different hair choices.

And here are the outfits I designed for Dualla.  I love her hair, so I kept it the same for all her outfits!

To celebrate, Deanna and Dualla hit the spa in Newcrest, inviting some friends to go with them like Peter Pancakes.  (And, yes, the yoga instructor is wearing bunny slippers, lol).

Dualla chatted with Alexander Goth, and that's Maria in the middle, walking inside.

Dualla is so friggin cute!

Once inside, Dualla and Alexander bumped into the newly-aged Jonathon Morse!

Dualla got a great foot massage from a cute townie.

Her sister Deanna joined her after a bit.

Next the girls each got a stone massage.

And then meditated.

Meanwhile, Jonathon Morse and Peter Pancakes hit the treadmills while Alexander Goth got into a heated argument with Dina Hildebrand (formerly Caliente).

Maria Lothario participated in yoga.  I like that you can easily tell who is better at it than others based on how well they can hold a pose.  Straight up legs ...

Compared to folded legs of those less skilled in Wellness.

And lastly the two households in the Riverview Duplex: from left to right: Digi Wolff, Mirabelle Holiday, Rose Vinedal, Holly Vinedal, Palo Verde Bough, and Summer Holiday.  (Digi and Holly are married, PV and Summer are married).

Time to age up the girls!  Mirabelle goes first.

Here's Mirabelle, before ...

... and after her makeover!  I love this hair style!

Here's my favorite outfits for her:

And her facial profile, front and side!

I definitely see a nice blending of PV and Summer!

Next is Rose ... This is her before (lol, angry) ...

And after ... 

One of the new hairs from Cool Kitchen seemed like a nice upgrade of the wavy hair style.  I love it!  I think reds and maroons look great on her.

Here's her face profile, side to front. 

And I love how she seems a little hot headed with those eyebrows, lol. (But her traits aren't).

Watching her with her Dad is so cute.

Mirabelle is also friends with her father!

I love these two girls!  Can't wait to see them around in my neighborhood rotation.

Thanks for reading!

Up next, the Pancake family starts a business selling ice cream and ... pancakes!

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