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Chapter 66

The Pancake family purchased the tiny lot right next door called Crick Cabana and built their dream business.

Sweet Treats & Ice Cream sells homemade ice cream in many unique flavors, as well as novelty items like Bob's Special Pancakes (world renowned), fruit cakes, Sim City cheesecakes, and strawberry fizzy cupcakes.  

The interior is cozy.  Customers are greeted by a long bar where they can chat with Bob Pancakes, the famous cook, or even get a free drink! 

There's also free coffee for customers to enjoy.

The best part is not knowing what you're going to find at the ice cream display.  Bob is always experimenting with new flavors.

Bob's family loves to help out with taste testing.  His son Peter named this one Dragon's Breath.  It's red hot!

Bob tried it out, too.  It's kinda addicting.  Scary, but addicting.

Bob's wife Eliza taste tested Plant Matter flavor.

She experienced a strange side effect: an incredible urge to go outside and soak up some sun.

It wasn't until later (after a nap in the backroom of the store), that she realized she was, well ... green!

Luckily it wore off after a few hours.  Later on, Bob stocked up on his famous pancakes.  Ah, the smell of buttery goodness!  These are going to sell like hot cakes!

Mmhmm, pancakes.

Scarlet Firecracker's got her eye on that butter.

Eliza purchased tons of advertising for their first opening weekend.

Eliza's a bit of a neat freak, so she made sure everything was in tip top shape.  The kitchen is all ready to go.

The cabinets are a mix & match of different styles.

Uh, oh, customers are buying things up to fast ...

Maria Lothario considers the complexities of flavor while pancake shopping
... Time to hire help before Bob goes crazy!

He picks Sierra Moss to help out with customers.

She's really great at ringing up customers.

Bob rings up Alissa L'Amour.  He's kinda concerned she might be contagious.

Kinda strange because she looked totally fine a minute ago.

Alissa even bumped into her father, Don Lothario.  The new shop in town must be the place to be!

This place is so neat!

He chatted with his other daughter, Maria, too.  Maybe they're debating what kind of ice cream to buy.

Officer Myron Coronado from Detective Dina also made a showing on opening day.  He's so cute!

And Lance Fogel, too.  Another cutie!  He's the son of Steve Fogel and his wife Nina (Caliente).

As time went on, Peter Pancakes got more active in helping out at the store.  Both of his parents work, so having three Sims with different schedules really allowed the store to open its doors daily.

He cleaned up ...

Restocked sold items ...

Rung up customers ...

Eliza was so proud of her son for stepping up.

He's been learning a lot, gaining new skills and meeting new people.  He even does homework in between.

He made quick friends with Ollie Purdue.

Everything was going so great and then catastrophe struck!  Bob Pancakes was fired from his job!

He was at the height of his career and fired for poor performance.  He came home really sad.

He told his friend Scarlet all about it.

"You know how we're like game aware Sims ... well, I got fired because of my Player.  It's all her fault," Bob explained.

"What do you mean?" Scarlet asked, all shocked.

Bob turned angry.

"The Player kept opening up a saved game in the middle of my work day!  But instead of actually being at work, I was always missing work!  My performance kept dropping and dropping and eventually, I just got fired.  My Player couldn't believe it.  Wouldn't a Sim that's supposed to be at work be at work when you load up a save.  But noooo..."

Scarlet couldn't believe it.  "What a crock of plum!"

On the bright side, Bob got to devote all his time to the family business.  To reward his son's hard work in helping out with customers, he gave him a camera.

They became good friends, father and son.

They bonded over ice cream at home.

  Man, that Dragon Breath is hot!

It made his tummy hurt afterwards.

And Eliza's, too.  She ate some of that red hot ice cream while Bob tried out his newest creation, Chilling Mocha.

"Wow, this is so chilling I can't even feel my tongue anymore, Eliza."

Eliza tried it, too.  Bob got brain freeze!  Owie!

"Honey, you appear to have turned quite blue with cold," Eliza said.

Bob was freaked out, but Eliza said, "I think I can warm you up, though."

Bob was freeeezing!  Eliza had the great idea to try and thaw out her husband in the hot tub.

"Do you feel better, honey?"


Eliza was getting very concerned.  What if he shattered into a million little ice cubes?

They tried that warming up thing again.

But after woohoo, it seemed Eliza was still hotter than Bob.  She belched fire thanks to that Dragon's Breath ice cream she tried earlier.  

She thought it really strange that she didn't turn blue after eating Chilling Mocha, but she did appear to have a secret power: Chilling Touch. 

Let's see how this goes.  I thought maybe a poke with a cold finger, not a slap! 

Cold, Eliza.  Real cold.  Scarlet's pissed!

And freezing!  

"Your hot tub isn't hot enough!  I'm leaving!"

Bob tried making Haunted Mint next.  He garnished it with a fresh tropical flower and topped it with whipped cream.

Bob was afraid he'd turn into a ghost, but that didn't happen thankfully.  Meanwhile, Peter invited over his friends Jonathon Morse and grumpy Alexander Goth.

It was a school night, but it's not like they had anything better to do than try out ice cream flavors.

"Holy Freezer Bunny this is good!"

It wasn't really clear what Haunted Mint did to Sims until they moved outside to the hot tub.  Jonathon got a ghostly halo, and they all became "hauntingly inspired."

Alexander tried to catch it happening with his phone, but maybe it's just a better idea not to bring electronics near water.  Hmm ...

Peter fell asleep during that get together.  (Can't wait for the next expansion pack!)

The next day at the store, Bob tried making a new flavor.  Mental Upheaval.  This can't be good.

Soon everybody was trying it and now Bob had a store full of looney Sims, all "Mind Askew."

Peter had a great idea to decorate with his photography.

Peter took another selfie, but this time with his crush, Maria Lothario.  He hung up their picture, too.

It turned into an awkward encounter when Peter tried revealing his crush to her.  Maria got freaked out, probably because he never once flirted with her.

The Pancakes decided to spruce up their store a little.  They added free drinks, a great hit! 

The biggest problem really seemed to be just keeping it clean as customer came and went.  Dirty counters could easily make Sims feel uncomfortable.

And keeping items restocked, but that's the kind of problem you do want, right?! :)

Efrain Hildebrand, the neighborhood's "Cutest Elder Ever!"

The Pancakes finally decided to give themselves a makeover, too.  Now they all have adorable aprons.  Bob is so cute in pink!  Lol.  And Peter, O.M.G.!

They also added another place to showcase items for sale.  Bob flexed his baking skills for that one!

Bob also made a row of Happy and Romance potions for sale!  His mixology skills sure come in handy.

That shelf is showcased in the window right near the coffee maker.  They also put up new dancing ice cream neon signs!

Eliza and Peter are so cute in their new outfits!

Bob also gave his employee Sierra Moss a new look!

Peter's trying to learn how to mix crazy awesome drinks just like his Dad.  It gives him something to do until he's needed, either in restocking or ringing out customers.

Peter tried to smooth out the awkwardness between him and Maria.  They're still really good friends.

But when he tried actually flirting with her as normally as possible, she still rejected him, lol.  Poor Peter.

It's okay.  Peter comforted himself with some late night ice cream and video games.  

Yep, that's where the ice cream goes in between licks.

Bob, meanwhile, closed up the shop pretty late.  He's pooped!

You can poop out your Sim, too!  This retail lot is available on the Gallery.  All items for sale are ready to go.   See my Lots tab for more!

Check out my YouTube video where I showcase the Pancake family running their sweet treat business!

Thanks for reading and watching!

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