Sunday, September 27, 2015

Chapter 70

I'd like to show you a happy little corner in Oasis Springs I've been building up.

Four of the lots are my original builds, and one is a major remodel (interior, mainly) of a starter home by ruthless_kk.  Let's start with that one first!

You might recognize this lot if you are a fan of ruthless_kk, which I am!  This is her Desert Retreat Starter, but I've remodeled it extensively to fit the needs of its two new occupants, Johnny (Zest) Landgraab and his townie girlfriend Cadence McWilliams!

Johnny got into rocket science (just like his brother Malcolm!), and Cadence is all about Wellness. 

She has this awesome outdoor perch that I just love to death!  She uses it every morning.

As a skilled townie, Cadence already had Level 9 Wellness when Johnny moved her in.  I got to see some fun new Yoga moves!

I also gave Cadence a makeover.  (She used to have long hair).  These are my favorite looks for her!

I also gave Johnny a makeover.  He was part of my Bachelorette challenge for Nina and used to be very skinny (looked like a teenager).  This is his new look!

I also changed his last name and genetically made him the son of Nancy and Geoffrey Landgraab.  It's fun watching him run into his mother given their strained past.  (I'm assuming he ran away from home).  I've been trying to rebuild his relationship with his distant parents.

Johnny and Cadence love their new home together.  They spend a lot of time in the family room/kitchen, which I decorated.  I love the wall patterns in the kitchen!

It's a small house, but one of my absolute favorites!  You can see more pictures here in this slideshow.  Plus, I love having the fizzy drinks tray from Spa Day at home.  Sims love these, especially at parties.

Johnny hosted a get together with his male friends.  This is mad scientist Dr. George L'Ernitage.

The others invited were Ned Whalen, Mortimer Goth, Vernon Morse, and Lester VanNuys.  What goofy Sims, lol.

At a different party, a raging fire broke out at the stove.  No less than four Sims tried to snuff it out (Bob Pancakes, Babs L'Amour-Fry, Scarlet Firecracker and her husband Don Lothario). Lol!

Selena Rubio's distressed face was so funnies during the fire.

She's been over a couple times.  She likes playing with the kid toys in the basement.  Lol!  So cute.

And Dr. Jamie Jolina looked mad about the fire, but with the moon and everything, it looked like she was posing so I snapped a screenshot of her, lol.  Love it.

After that fire, Cadence stuck with serving guests Superfood Salad, a Wellness dish - I think I see avocados in there, too! Looks so yummy! <3

It's fun to invite over Scarlet and Don to parties, because they always gravitate towards each other.  Don went outside to play horseshoes and Scarlet joined him.  So cute!!

Now let's skip to my favorite part: the romance!  Okay, I've done it a million times now, but I just love making two Sims fall in love.  Johnny and Cadence are adorable!

They love that hot tub!

I did get them in trouble accidentally, though, lol.  They both have the Bro trait and I noticed that Cadence could Discuss Conquests.  I didn't remember ever trying that one so I gave it a go.  

Johnny wasn't very happy.

And Cadence was embarrassed, lol.

The fact that they are both Bro's is pretty unique gameplay.  They can "take their bromance to the next level" ...

And become "bromantic partners" ...

And, yes, they are now engaged!  The proposal was very sweet, up on that Yoga perch outside on a perfect sunny day.

I'm going to postpone their wedding until Get Together is released in November so they can have a big party!  (Same with his brother Malcolm's wedding to Cassandra!)

Lastly, Johnny and Cadence went on lots of dates to the two new community lots in their neighborhood that I built (shown in that very first pic above).  

The first is Nookstone Night, the black & white lounge right next door.  This one is ultra modern, inside and out.

Get the party started here!

There's an outdoor hot tub that they had lots of fun with. <3

I got a funny underwater view of that one, lol.

And above water, too.  Awwww ...

The last community lot is Sandtrap Red, a modern lounge.

Somehow I figured out how to put a sauna outside.  I'm not sure if that's supposed to happen, lol, but I tucked it under the stairs and play-tested it.  It works!

There's lots of fun things to do at this lounge, perfect for musical and comedy entertainers, and a large bar on the first floor.  There's two levels, open to each other with large expansive windows in the front with that beautiful spiral chandelier from Spa Day.

The other two lots are builds I've had for a long time now (you can find more on my Lots page) - they are the Apricot Bachelor's Pad (I might reupload an updated version) and the very large home, Modern Mesquite.

That's it for now!  Thanks for reading!

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Saturday, September 26, 2015

Chapter 69

The following is my submission for the Monthly Short Story Challenge hosted on the official forums by Carewren123 and the writing community.

September's Theme: It all started when I opened ...

by Rachel Rosebud

It all started when I opened up my latest save in the Sims 4.

“Planning a Simming marathon?”

My husband knew me too well.

“I have an idea I just can’t get out of my head,” I told him.

“Does it involve cowplants?” my husband asked suspiciously.

The last time I had "an idea," my husband was forced to endure hours of incessant giggling (“Watch this! Watch this! Are you watching?”) as I set up a crime scene for my story, Detective Dina.

The whole “regurgitated hotdog” thing cracked me up to no end, but he’d just said, “You’re weird.”

“No cowplants this time.  Just rockets,” I said, clicking into Manage Households.  “Eight rockets.”

“Eight rockets,” he repeated.

“Yes,” I said, grabbing Malcolm Landgraab with a big grin.  “I’m going to blast eight Sims into space at the same time.  Do you think the play testers at Maxis ever considered that possibility?” 


I wanted to know what would happen.

“Plus it’ll make for cool screenshots,” I said.

“Uh huh.  I’ll start the coffee.”

It was Saturday morning.  I’d gotten up early for this.

Steve Fogel was next.  I moved him in with Malcolm.

That took care of the easy picks.  Malcolm and Steve were both already accomplished astronauts.  Malcolm was the first to launch.

And Steve was the first to crash.

I had six more spots to fillHmmm…

Definitely Johnny (Zest) Landgraab.  I’d been having so much fun with him lately, along with his townie girlfriend Cadence McWilliams.

I chose George L'Ernitage next.  After having way too much fun modifying ruthless_kk’s Out of This World build, I’d shot him into space, too.

I soooo have a thing for rockets on roofs, I thought.  (Or rooves?)

“Hey, honey, do you think it’s roofs or rooves?” I shouted down the hallway.  I smelled coffee.

“Rooves.  Definitely rooves.”  He came back down with two cups of coffee.  “What’s this for, anyway?” he asked.

“The forums!  There’s this monthly writing contest thing going on, and I couldn’t think what else to write so …”

“I’m not going to be in it, am I?” he asked suspiciously.

“No.  Not you.”

Your SelfSim.

With coffee in hand, I considered my line-up.  I should have four females to balance it out, I thought, sipping.

So far, the only ones that had gone up into space were Cassandra Goth (woohooing with Malcolm) and Nina Caliente-Fogel (Steve’s wife, also woohoo, but a few solo missions).

“Okay, so Cassandra … Nina …” I said, plopping them each all orderly-like into the same household.  This is taking forever!

“Two more, two more …”  I bit my lip.  “I guess the last two can be Dina and Scarlet.  They’re my two favorite Sims.”

“Talking to yourself again?”

“This is all going into the story.  Every last word,” I warned him.

And the good thing about writing is that I can fast forward to the fun part!  All the setting up was finally over, behind the scenes. 

I was ready.

“I have to admit, I’m kinda excited,” I told my husband.

“You’re weird,” he said.  He’d come back to my desk to watch the finale.

The game was paused.  I had all eight Sims poised before their rockets (none of them upgraded, just built), their queues loaded up with the same action: Launch.

“The anticipation is killing me.”

“It must be killing you to have only one screenshot left,” he said.

My husband knew me too well.

“Rules are rules,” I said.  Twelve screenshots.  Twelve, when most of my blog posts ranged from thirty to seventy screenshots.

But that was the challenge of all writers.  Being able to cut things out, even when it hurt.  Especially when it hurt.

It’s hard to let go.

With a click of the mouse, my Sims sprang to life, unpaused, unshackled.

They climbed into their rockets and blasted into space, eight Sims reaching for the stars.

I saw them through their missions, one popup after another.

They came safely home.  All of them.

“So no crash and burns?  No untimely deaths?” my husband asked.

“I guess it sounded more exciting in my head.”  I shrugged.

All I had was an alien blob thing in a jar to show for my efforts, and eight Sims with happy moodlets.  But I felt like I did something.  Like this little story had existed in some tiny corner of the universe and now it was finally out there.  How many other stories were waiting to lift off?

“So what did you learn?” my husband asked.

“Curiosity killed the cat.”


I glowered at him.  “And this writing thing is hard.”


(Okay, I can't help myself.  For more pictures of the blast off, click here, but note this is NOT part of my official submission for the short story challenge as we're only allowed 12 pics, lol).

Update: 10/05/15
My story won 3rd Place!  Thank you so much to everyone who voted for my story!  Yay!