Saturday, September 26, 2015

Chapter 69

The following is my submission for the Monthly Short Story Challenge hosted on the official forums by Carewren123 and the writing community.

September's Theme: It all started when I opened ...

by Rachel Rosebud

It all started when I opened up my latest save in the Sims 4.

“Planning a Simming marathon?”

My husband knew me too well.

“I have an idea I just can’t get out of my head,” I told him.

“Does it involve cowplants?” my husband asked suspiciously.

The last time I had "an idea," my husband was forced to endure hours of incessant giggling (“Watch this! Watch this! Are you watching?”) as I set up a crime scene for my story, Detective Dina.

The whole “regurgitated hotdog” thing cracked me up to no end, but he’d just said, “You’re weird.”

“No cowplants this time.  Just rockets,” I said, clicking into Manage Households.  “Eight rockets.”

“Eight rockets,” he repeated.

“Yes,” I said, grabbing Malcolm Landgraab with a big grin.  “I’m going to blast eight Sims into space at the same time.  Do you think the play testers at Maxis ever considered that possibility?” 


I wanted to know what would happen.

“Plus it’ll make for cool screenshots,” I said.

“Uh huh.  I’ll start the coffee.”

It was Saturday morning.  I’d gotten up early for this.

Steve Fogel was next.  I moved him in with Malcolm.

That took care of the easy picks.  Malcolm and Steve were both already accomplished astronauts.  Malcolm was the first to launch.

And Steve was the first to crash.

I had six more spots to fillHmmm…

Definitely Johnny (Zest) Landgraab.  I’d been having so much fun with him lately, along with his townie girlfriend Cadence McWilliams.

I chose George L'Ernitage next.  After having way too much fun modifying ruthless_kk’s Out of This World build, I’d shot him into space, too.

I soooo have a thing for rockets on roofs, I thought.  (Or rooves?)

“Hey, honey, do you think it’s roofs or rooves?” I shouted down the hallway.  I smelled coffee.

“Rooves.  Definitely rooves.”  He came back down with two cups of coffee.  “What’s this for, anyway?” he asked.

“The forums!  There’s this monthly writing contest thing going on, and I couldn’t think what else to write so …”

“I’m not going to be in it, am I?” he asked suspiciously.

“No.  Not you.”

Your SelfSim.

With coffee in hand, I considered my line-up.  I should have four females to balance it out, I thought, sipping.

So far, the only ones that had gone up into space were Cassandra Goth (woohooing with Malcolm) and Nina Caliente-Fogel (Steve’s wife, also woohoo, but a few solo missions).

“Okay, so Cassandra … Nina …” I said, plopping them each all orderly-like into the same household.  This is taking forever!

“Two more, two more …”  I bit my lip.  “I guess the last two can be Dina and Scarlet.  They’re my two favorite Sims.”

“Talking to yourself again?”

“This is all going into the story.  Every last word,” I warned him.

And the good thing about writing is that I can fast forward to the fun part!  All the setting up was finally over, behind the scenes. 

I was ready.

“I have to admit, I’m kinda excited,” I told my husband.

“You’re weird,” he said.  He’d come back to my desk to watch the finale.

The game was paused.  I had all eight Sims poised before their rockets (none of them upgraded, just built), their queues loaded up with the same action: Launch.

“The anticipation is killing me.”

“It must be killing you to have only one screenshot left,” he said.

My husband knew me too well.

“Rules are rules,” I said.  Twelve screenshots.  Twelve, when most of my blog posts ranged from thirty to seventy screenshots.

But that was the challenge of all writers.  Being able to cut things out, even when it hurt.  Especially when it hurt.

It’s hard to let go.

With a click of the mouse, my Sims sprang to life, unpaused, unshackled.

They climbed into their rockets and blasted into space, eight Sims reaching for the stars.

I saw them through their missions, one popup after another.

They came safely home.  All of them.

“So no crash and burns?  No untimely deaths?” my husband asked.

“I guess it sounded more exciting in my head.”  I shrugged.

All I had was an alien blob thing in a jar to show for my efforts, and eight Sims with happy moodlets.  But I felt like I did something.  Like this little story had existed in some tiny corner of the universe and now it was finally out there.  How many other stories were waiting to lift off?

“So what did you learn?” my husband asked.

“Curiosity killed the cat.”


I glowered at him.  “And this writing thing is hard.”


(Okay, I can't help myself.  For more pictures of the blast off, click here, but note this is NOT part of my official submission for the short story challenge as we're only allowed 12 pics, lol).

Update: 10/05/15
My story won 3rd Place!  Thank you so much to everyone who voted for my story!  Yay!


Anonymous said...

This is CitizenErased14 from the forums! Very cute entry for this month's challenge, I enjoyed reading it :)

Rachel Rosebud said...

Thank CitizenErased! It was fun to write and play out in my game, lol.

Anonymous said...

This is JoieWilder from the forums. This was such a great, fun read! I love how cute and different it was from all of the other entries.

Rachel Rosebud said...

Thank you JoieWilder! I'm glad you like it. Yah, It tried to make it quick and easy. I find it REALLY hard to write short stories. Always have to get to the heart of it, and I had this rocket idea, so ... LOL. Thanks for reading!

Jessica Brown said...

Cute. Very cute lol.

Cathy Thwing said...

Holy cow! I love this so much! It IS a big thing! I got so excited! The scenes between you and your husband are hilarious! They remind me of my home when I'm Simming and writing--we've got coffee brewing, cookies baking, chatter about this and that, all the exciting stuff about what's going on in my game and his chess game! So fun. Your writing made this feel SO real, and the rocket thing totally thrilled me! :) It must have been SO hard to do!

carewren123 said...

Oh my gosh! This was soooo fun! I was chuckling the entire time reading the conversation between you and your husband! Thanks for this fun read.

ninjapigsims said...

Ah how fun! I like the idea of a simultaneous launch into space - that screenshot of all the rockets setting off was so epic! I also like how you combined TS3 and TS4 graphics into one story. :)

Rachel Rosebud said...

Hi ninjapigsims! Thanks for your comment! Also, every picture is from the Sims 4. I don't have Sims 3 installed anymore.

A Rose In Bloom Sims said...

EEEEEEEEEEEEPPPPPPP!! Rachel! Our Simmies showed up :)

But much fun! I bet it was fun to see them launch all at the same time! You're so creative. This post was creative. I giggled so much!

Anonymous said...

This was so funny! I was cracking up the whole time, imagining this entire conversation between husband and wife, then the funny part when you say "This is all going in the story." PRICELESS! That last screenshot is honestly one of the best I have ever seen!