Sunday, November 8, 2015

Chapter 71

Today I'm excited to show you what's been going on in my Sims 4 neighborhood rotation.  For me, half the fun is just building up my towns!  I'd like to show you Willow Creek's riverfront first!

Let's start with the one on the far right: the Railroad Museum by sashraf1.  I didn't build this cute lot, but I wish I did, lol!

My Sim Selena Rubio shows off the downstairs lobby.  The trains in the back are resized kid toys - brilliant idea!

The next building, second to right, is the Blue Velvet nightclub (made by EA Maxis).  The second to left one is a Winery Boutique by Jayocean.  I changed it from a retail lot to a bar, and modified the interior a bit...

I also changed the exterior a little - put more space between the trees in the vineyard out back, and added a piano out front for Sims to play.

Lastly, my absolute favorite of the four - the Cafe Rouge Remodel!

This lot was originally created and uploaded by Specter Cody here, and I basically remodeled the interiors.  Specter Cody created this lot towards the very beginning of when the Sims 4 was released, and since then, with all the new content, I added a lot of luxury party & spa items, in addition to adding a 3rd floor artist room, a wedding room, a photography studio, two entertainment rooms (piano/violin, and card tables/mic/guitar), and updated the bar & chess sun room.

This has seriously been so fun to play!  Sims can enjoy a chess game.  Here's Gladys and Scarlet.

Sims can enjoy coffee outdoors with a gorgeous view.

Or try the ice cream maker.  Here's Johnny trying out this crazy flavor...

Or they can try fizzy drinks at the bar.

Don, Scarlet, and Efrain

Katrina and her daughter Nina

Katrina and Nancy

I love watching my Sims play cards.  They make the cutest facial expressions.

Geoffrey's poker face

Don, Selena, and Gladys

Dr. George L'Ernitage, Cadence McWilliams, Natalia Tam (on guitar), Scarlet, and Selena

Selena isn't so sure about this game

Scarlet's funny face award

Scarlet cracks me up

I was a bit surprised to see who showed up to entertain at the Cafe Rouge... Teenager Alissa L'Amour!  (I thought you had to be at least a young adult).

And Cassandra Goth loves that violin! <3

And townie Natalia Tam, too.

Selena tries her hand at the piano, but she's still learning...

Selena is definitely one of my new favorites.  Here she is all glamorous at the Cafe Rouge...

In addition to these lots, I also have two new builds to share with you: the Sapphire Spa and the Old English Violin Lounge.  These two, along with the Cafe Rouge Remodel, are showcased in my November Tour YouTube video below!

(For more videos, click here to see what else I've recorded!)

First off, the Sapphire Spa, which I built right next to my nightclub, the Kissing Llamas.  I think they go well together.  They are similar architecturally!

Once again, I put the yoga class outdoors.

What's kinda funny is who the yoga instructor turned out to be while I was playtesting...  That's Rohan Valdivia, the Hermit of Granite Falls!

I wish Sims would stay in their vocations first selected randomly by the game, but oh, well... He's so zen with that unibrow, lol.  That unibrow is the only reason I even remembered he was the hermit, haha!  Zoe Hildebrand first discovered him we she found that secret lot...

Sims can avoid the yoga class if they want, though; I added some separate yoga mats out front on the balcony with some amazing views of Oasis Springs!

Scarlet soaks it all in

Scarlet helped me playtest the massage tables.  They're outdoors, too.

Nina helped with the chair massages for hand and feet.  Yep, they work. ;)

The ladies' changing room is also working out well.  I gave it lots of space (compared to my teeny tiny Sunspot Spa).

Nina, Nancy, and Maria

Lastly, the Old English Violin Lounge (also shown off in that video above - check it out!)...

For some reason, I really love the entrance.  It's so endearing...

I caught Katrina kissing her boyfriend Noah Rainey here, lol.

That's it for today!  Thanks for reading!

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