Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Chapter 72

Get Together has since been released and I've jumped back into the game!  I'm loving this expansion pack!

The island in Windenburg is my favorite.  What about you?  What is your favorite district?  Let me know in the comments!

I've since built a luxury beachhouse (Gallery link) with tons of Get Together build and buy items.  I love this one!  It was so much fun to build.  Check out some pics!

I've featured this new lot on my YouTube Channel!  You can watch it below.  There's a Grand Tour and at the end I also play the lucky household I've moved into the lot: Malcolm Landgraab, his fiance Cassandra Goth, and his half-sister Sarah Firecracker.  Check it out!

You'll notice in the video that Sarah Firecracker has a makeover!  I gave her one of the beautiful new hairs from Get Together: the side braid.  I really think she looks amazing now!  What do you think?

She looks almost all grown up, but she's still a teenager.  When she ages up to adult, I'll marry her out of the lot so that Malcolm and Cassandra can fill it up with babies! <3

Cassandra also got a new hair style.  I think the straight hair look is perfect for her!

I still have a lot of exploring to do in Get Together.  So far, I've been looking at all the new hair styles and new outfits.  I love so many of them and since I use my blog as a kind of way to "scrapbook" my experiences playing the Sims 4, I'm going to show off my favorite outfits, hairstyles, and stuff using my Sim, teenager Maria Lothario!  Check it out below!

Get Together Hair Styles-Female

The gorgeous loose side braid, perfect for Sarah Firecracker's rounder face, too.

I love the "V" in the back.  This is the one I gave to Cassandra Goth.  It makes her look older!

I love ethnic hair styles.  This one is awesome and actually, I think, really looks great with Maria's facial structure.

This one is cute!

I really like this one.  Very trendy.

I like this one, too.  I love how each hair style fits a Sim personality.  Like this one, I'd put on a workaholic, serious Sim in the Business Career.

This one is nice, but I feel like we already have one very similar to it.  I do like the formal sweep from the side, though.  I can see this for a wedding updo.  The beautiful bun in the back is easier to see with lighter shades.

Get Together Outfits - Female
I love this - can't wait to have my Sims party at a club wearing this!

Or this

This one, though, looks more like it should have been released with Spa Day.  It seems like something you'd wear to do Yoga, lol.

I love the zippers on the back!

And the DJ earphones is really cute.  I'm not too psyched about the T-shirt designs, though.

There's also really cute shorts.  I like the belts around the legs.

The mini-skirts are much appreciated, too!  I'm not sure I like the one in red, though - a bit too "ultra-modern," I guess, lol

The pink crop pants are really cute!  I have a pair just like it!  LOL

And at first I thought I might not like this skirt, but I think it actually has this nice "island" vibe thing going on.  Or something you'd see a professional salsa dancer wear.  I really like it!

There's also some cute jackets that I think look great on Maria. I really like the floral pattern one.  It's unique, and the short length of the shirt underneath gives it a nice modern touch. 

And I really love the preppy suit on the right, the one in pink!  They did a great job making it look realistic.

The blouses are pretty cute, too, but for the one in the middle, I wish it came in more colors.

Lastly, the dresses.  The dresses!!! LOVE THEM ALL!  Especially this one.  For some reason, it reminds me so much of the Sims 2.  It's so Goth!

The other dresses are really cute.  These are my favorite color picks.

There's also a "beachy" vibe/ "island vacation" to these, that I like.

These two outfits are okay, but I really jus tlike the black lingerie type shirt on the one on the right.  I really don't like the bra-look on the left one, and the pants seem to have a really weird texture, and I don't like the "half-tucked-in" look on the front of the jean.

There's also only two new shoe styles.  Boots and a sandal/heel thing that looks very plain. I was hoping for some more heels, like crazy party club heels!  What the heck!

Okay, so that's all I got for today!  I'm planning a building spree in Windenburg, and I'm doing quite a lot of reshuffling.  I'd like to move a lot of my Sims into Windenburg.  There's also lots of new Sims that came in Windenburg that need to be relocated.  A lot of them seem like fun and I don't want to delete them!  Hopefully, I'll have more YouTube videos out, and more blog posts with screenshots.  I don't have as much time devoted to the Sims 4, though, since I'm currently really into Fallout 4.  

Thanks for reading, as always, and Happy Simming!