Sunday, October 9, 2016

Chapter 73

Hey,  everyone!  I'm back playin' my Simmies!  I've been recording a mini Dine Out Let's Play series called "Our Little Japanese Restaurant" on my YouTube Channel.  You can view the playlist by clicking here!

It features a cute little Japanese restaurant called Shimuzu, and my goal is to get it from 1 to 5 stars.

This is what it looks like in Magnolia Promenade.  The restaurant is an EA pre-made and can be downloaded from the Gallery.  The interior is nicely decorated and I love it!

I also recently built a restaurant in celebration of the Day of the Dead Challenge this October.  It's called Dine with the Dead and is available on the Gallery under my Origin ID RachelRosebud.  It's a haunted Castle with lots of spooky decorations, a creepy menu, and the staff is dressed like the Grim Reaper.

The restaurant has an owner's apartment on the upper floors, so your Sims can live on the lot when they're running their business, if they wish.

I plopped the restaurant alongside Shimuzu in Magnolia's Promenade.  Both will be owned and managed by Scarlet Firecracker.

In addition to this build, I also completed two other community lots: Wedding Wishes and Cafe Mosaic.

Wedding Wishes is a HUGE lot that your Sims can use to get married and have a great party.  There's quite a lot to do here and it's so gorgeous with tons of flowers and decorations! There's also some Get Together objects like a DJ and coffee shop, and an outdoor Movie Theater.

Cafe Mosaic is a cute little place to grab coffee and enjoy the company of friends. 

So what's coming next?  I'm really interested in the new expansion pack coming out November 1st called City Living.  I'm debating which of my Sims to play first.  It's either going to be Sarah Firecracker or Alissa L'Amour.  Both are currently teens that I'm thinking of aging up to Adult so that they can buy their first apartment in the big city!  Let me know in the comments if you'd like one over the other.  Thanks for reading!  And stay tuned for more...

Edit:  Below are some new hairstyles that I think look amazing on Maria.  I love using her to check out new ones!!