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Special Stories:
Detective Dina

Detailed Chapter Index:

Chapter 1: "First Kiss"
Meet Scarlet Firecracker, serial romantic.  First date with Don Lothario.

Chapter 2: "First Woohoo"
Meet Dina Caliente.  Don and Scarlet dive into their first woohoo.

Chapter 3: "Sweet Dreams"
Meet Babs L'Amour and Efrain Hildebrand.

Chapter 4: "Bad Romance Part I"
Scarlet follows her heartbreaker aspirations.  Meet Shaowen Acevedo and Noah Rainey.  New Build: Scarlet Firecracker House.

Chapter 5: "Bad Romance Part II"
Scarlet jumps then dumps Shaowen Acevedo.  Meet Geoffrey Landgraab and Bella Goth.

Chapter 6: "Bold Pickup Lines"
Meet Haleigh Pollack.  Scarlet targets Geoffrey Landgraab.

Chapter 7: "Scarlet the Suave"
Scarlet breaks up a marriage, gets pregnant, and throws a Big News baby shower.  Meet Eliza Pancakes.

Chapter 8: "Femme Fatale"
Scarlet goes into labor, right after woohoo with two different Sims.

Chapter 9: "Botched Birthday"
Meet Sarah Firecracker.  Dina Caliente gets engaged.

Chapter 10: "The Perfect Wedding"
Dina Caliente marries Efrain Hildebrand.  Meet Nina Caliente, Bob Pancakes, and Natalia Tam.

Chapter 11: "Big News"
Meet Katrina Caliente.  Efrain and Dina Hildebrand settle in to married life.

Chapter 12: "Dreaming of Home"
Efrain and Dina Hildebrand have twins!  New build: Spanish Dream Home.

Chapter 13: "Domestic Bliss"
Meet Zoe and Betsy Hildebrand.  Katrina Caliente ages up to elder.

Chapter 14: "Back in Business"
Scarlet rekindles the romance with Don Lothario.  Meet Nancy Landgraab.

Chapter 15: "The Playground"
Meet Alexander Goth.

Chapter 16: "The Mystery of the Dollhouse Killer"
The Hildebrand family enjoy a scenic picnic at the park.

Chapter 17: "Don's Turn"
Don Lothario throws a house warming party and searches for his next woohoo.  New build: Apricot Bachelor Pad.

Chapter 18: "Entranced"
Meet Dominique Hayes.  Don and Babs take it to the next level.

Chapter 19: "Tranquilized"
Meet Kristian Fry and Holly Vinedal.  Scarlet gets jealous of Don and Babs' impending baby.

Chapter 20: "The Cutest Little Girl"
Meet Alissa L'Amour.

Chapter 21: "Tickling Wars"
Meet Vernon Morse, Malcolm Landgraab, and Cassandra Goth.  Sarah Firecracker meets her father's family.  New build: The Red Warehouse.

Chapter 22: "Star Dreams"
A teenage romance between Malcolm Landgraab and Cassandra Goth blossoms into rocket building mania.

Chapter 23: "Rocket on the Roof"
Malcolm Landgraab reaches for the stars.

Chapter 24: "Looking for Love"
Nina Caliente challenges seven single men to become her one and only.  Meet the seven bachelors!

Chapter 25: "Geoffrey's Journey"
Meet Gladys Morse.  Geoffrey Landgraab says goodbye to an old flame, and hello to a new one.

Chapter 26: "Second Chances"
Geoffrey Landgraab and Gladys Morse get married - twice!

Chapter 27: "The Proposal"
New build: Verity Victorian.  Vernon Morse and Nancy Landgraab get married - once!

Chapter 28: "Three Ducks in a Row"
Meet Mortimer Goth.  Vernon Morse and his wife Nancy have children, and try out that backyard pool for the first time.

Chapter 29: "Angry Flaming Spaghetti"
Scarlet Firecracker reaches her serial romantic aspiration and throws a costume party.

Chapter 30: "Monkey in the Middle"
Scarlet Firecracker and Babs L'Amour get tangled up in some major drama involving Don Lothario and Kristian Fry.

Chapter 31: "Wedding Bells"
Scarlet Firecracker and Don Lothario get married.  Family trees for rotation families at end of chapter.

Chapter 32: "Crossing Over"
Three birthdays: Sarah Firecracker to teen, Malcolm Landgraab to young adult, and Geoffrey Landgraab to elder.

Chapter 33: "Uh, Oh..."
Zoe and Betsy Hildebrand age up to teen.

Chapter 34: "Domesticating Don"
Meet Maria Lothario.  Updated family tree.

Chapter 35: "Married with Boyfriends"
Meet Jamie Jolina.  Scarlet Firecracker cheats on Don Lothario.  New build: The Kissing Llamas nightclub (with video showcase!)

Chapter 36: "Destiny"
Nina Caliente finds out which of the seven bachelors gets to marry her!

Chapter 37: "Home"
Steve and Nina Fogel have a baby!  New build: Science is Fun house (with video showcase!)

Chapter 38: "The Bridge"
Alissa L'Amour ages up to teen, and Kristian Fry learns about Babs L'Amour's commitment issues the hard way.

Chapter 39: "The River"
Kristian and Babs try again and Alissa makes a new friend.  New Build: Modern Mesquite.

Chapter 40: "Friends and Family"
Kristian and Babs get married.

Chapter 41: "Beetles"
Camping trip time!  Granite Falls awaits...

Chapter 42: "Bear is Best"
Babs and Kristian Fry grow their family, and Jamie Jolina gets a bear lesson.

Chapter 43: "The Goths"
Cassandra Goth ages up to adult, and Bella Goth and Don Lothario have an affair.

Chapter 44: "Birthday Boy"
Jack ages up to teen!

Chapter 45: "Steve's Story"
Steve Fogel tells a scary ghost story.

Chapter 46: "Crazy Pants"
Zachary the tyrant!  And Nina and Steve get down tonight!

Chapter 47: "Birthday Boys"
Nina and Steve have another baby and Zachary ages up to teen.

Chapter 48: "Break Up Blues"
The soulmate aspiration causes a little... trouble.

Chapter 49: "Magical"
Cassandra and Malcolm Goth's little adventure.

Chapter 50: "Day at the Park"
Zachary Fogel starts a fight.

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